In 2004, the Chanoines community embarked on a bold adventure, moving into this disused monastery in Occitanie; In so doing, it restored the religious vocation of the site and set about rescuing its centuries-old historical, cultural and spiritual heritage;

Reviving an active community

Thanks to the patronage and generosity of friends of the Abbey, 100% of the roofs were restored. Then came the rescue and restoration of the cloister, the historic refectory, the kitchen, the chapter house and the bell tower, as well as the renovation of the canons’ rooms and the creation of a medical infirmary… The community has thus acquired a certain mastery of the management of such large-scale projects.

In 2014, the Grand Trophée award for the finest restoration of a private heritage site in France, crowned this fantastic challenge, a success for the forty or so canons who have brought this place back to life, visited today by over 20,000 visitors a year. An accomplishment that compels us to go further.

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